Elections for Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors will be held this year for another 3 year term. We are accepting nominations. Please email [email protected] your nominations by the end of this month, so they can be chosen and contacted for their acceptance as a nominee.

Our Director’s were:

First Name Last Name, Business

Tom Vidrine, The BoatYard/ Chamber President
Jules Escalante, Chamber of Commerce Manager
Andre Perez, La Popular Bakery
John Jones, Tastes of Thailand
Charmaine Tolentino, Chamber of Commerce Secretary
Alex Nunez, Ministry of Education
Pete Salazar, Pete's Enterprises
Elizabeth Storey, Hammock House
Claudio Azueta, Southwind Properties
Pat Stiley, North Neighborhood Watch
Ali Flota, El Pescador
Jan Brown, Pier Lounge
Keith Newton, B-Lease Management
Milo Paz ,Milo's Money Exchange
Kelly McDermott, Blue Water Grill