I believe Keith was upgraded to a class 4 storm positioned near Ambergris Key, Belize with disasterously powerful winds and rains.
The latest report had Keith drifting south about 50 miles offshore of Ambergris Key and maintaining strength.
The Key is undoubtedly being scoured with over 100mph winds and hurricane conditions. Anybody on the Keys should take cover in a strong concrete structure well above the surge level. Beds, furniture and objects should be used as protection from falling debris.
The slow moving nature of the storm should cause these conditions to last for prolonged duration, causing increased damage.
Further southward movement will take the storm into the Belize reefs and keys. Even further will repeat Mitch over Honduras.
The deluge of hurricane rains will be exacerbated by the stationary movement, causing disasterous flooding. Expect this area to be devestated and the infrastructure destroyed.
The weather service calls for Keith to eventually drift over Yucatan and into the Gulf of Mexico where it will maintain strength and hit the US.