<a href="http://wwwghcc.msfc.nasa.gov/GOES/goes8conusir.html" target="new"><img align=right width=280 height=256 hspace=8 vspace=8 src="//AmbergrisCaye.com/art/keith/GOES1sm.jpg" alt="Click for larger version"></a>
the GOES satellite is by far the best and most updated:

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For a larger version of this photo, which is the best most updated satellite image: http://wwwghcc.msfc.nasa.gov/GOES/goes8conusir.html

Click on the area you wish to see close up, so click on the Belize area.... and up comes a huge less than 15 minutes old satellite shot.

And special thanks to Shannon, Mervin Key's daughter, a meterologist who has provided this and much other information....

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