The eye of Hurricane Keith has moved about 3 miles east off the barrier
reef and about 20 miles south of this mornings location. It is now
located between San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker town on
Caye Caulker island.
San Pedro is on a limestone shelf and part of the Yucatan Peninsular.
It is about 12 feet above sea level. Caye Caulker is a sand bar about ¼
mile wide and four miles long with the highest point eight feet above sea
level. Most houses are around four feet above sea level. The town of
800 population is around a mile long at the narrowest part of the island.
Caye Caulker is going to suffer worse than San Pedro town. The last
reports from either place were about 5 ½ hours ago. Tides at the back
are 5 feet above normal, and flooding on the west side is reported. I
expect the dredge will be swamped and under water now that was reclaiming
the beach.
There are about 300 people in the Caye Caulker School. A number of
other cement houses are being used as shelters. Most houses are wood.
San Pedro Town Hall reported roof separation about 5 hours ago. Flying
debris is common and deadly, no one can go about in the streets. The two
towns have been under the worst of the wind shear of the outer hurricane
eye wall for about 5 hours now and no rest in sight for them. Winds are
reported at 135 mph, a Category 3. There are reports of the hurricane
being a Category 4, but have seen no confirmation of these wind speeds
yet. Wind and storm damage go up exponentially, about 8 times stronger
and more damage for each category increase in wind speed.
The rain was reported as driving and intense early this morning. Both
electricity and land line telephones are gone. No contact for 5 hours.
Frank Redmond up in the wilds of the boonies in the Cayo District has
offered to contact anyone with a cellular phone. He says it is working,
but I know no one with a cellular on either island. If you do, give me a
call with the number and lets give it a try.
The damage is expected to be extensive after such a long period under
the shear force wall winds of the eye. I've heard nothing from my two
daughters and grandchildren and other relatives on the island. I presume
they are in hurricane shelters someplace on Caye Caulker.
The eye is east of the space between San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Hol
Chan Channel is level with the northern part of the Eye and about 3 miles
from the calm center of the hurricane. The eye circle wall is about 3
miles east of the barrier reef. As the eye of Keith moves south, damage
is expected to get worse for San Pedro and Caye Caulker. The winds will
move from North West and the protection of the island, to the north east
and the ocean waves and surge will start to come ashore. The docks which
were reported okay early this morning are going to get wiped out as the
hurricane moves south.
Things look bad and look like it is going to get worse for Caye Caulker
more than San Pedro, but still both places are suffering. Roofs and
trees are reported as gone, but as the Hurricane eye drifts south, it
will get worse. This is a narrow storm and damage is expected to be
confined to a 30 mile swath, like a lawn mower going through an overgrown
lawn. But in that swath, things are going to be very bad.
If you have audio and the internet, you can listen to some radio
recorded reports from both Caye Caulker and San Pedro from very early
this morning before they were cut off.
Below are recordings of the latest news and discussions on <a href="">Love FM</a> regarding
hurricane Keith. Click the Refresh button ont the top of your browser to get all the latest Updates.

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