today from the Chamber of Commerce....

Steve Schulte, of Tropic Air (and our new Chamber Vice-President & Board of Director), presented the plans for a new Tropic Air Terminal in San Pedro. Steve said the plans had been made for some time, and with our new government; there are high hopes of cooperation. Tropic Air, for a long time, has owned a good portion of the street. Steve has hopes to be able to trade that property which is very needed by our town for an additional area out of the high traffic zone, and be able to decrease the congestion at that critical point on Coconut Drive.

Steve brought an actual scale model of the proposed building, and outlined the specific areas created to meet the needs of our growing population. The new terminal is especially designed to prevent parking along Coconut Drive, and only allow drop-offs in that area. The design leads arriving passengers and their luggage away from Coconut Drive, and incorporates a pickup line out of the high traffic zone.

Steve mentioned that he has begun favorable discussions with Manuel Heredia, who besides being our Area Representative is the Minister of Tourism AND Minister of Civil Aviation.

Now this looks like it may actually happen. It has been sorely needed for a long time.