This is a bit of a long shot but I wonder if anyone living in AC can help me out...

As a former resident of AC now enrolled in college full time in the States, I thought an interesting project for my Intercultural Communication class would be an analysis of the differing communication styles between San Pedranos and gringos on the island. This would consist of an interview (perhaps posted on YouTube?) discussing the topic from a San Pedrano's point of view.

So, the long and short of it without going into too many details, does anyone on the board know someone who would be interested in helping out with this? I'm looking for an older student or someone who has to deal with the tourists on a regular basis such as bartenders, tour guides, hotel staff, etc. I also need someone with a video camera/technical savvy to post the interview online...perhaps someone could act as a co-ordinator/interviewer? The project is due mid-March so we'd need to get started fairly soon, within the next week or so.

I know this is a ridiculous request but it never hurts to ask!

Thanks a bunch!
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