There are concerns for four Belizeans, Dangriga residents stranded at sea tonight - but in Honduran waters. Information to the Belize Coast Guard is very spotty but we have confirmed that the vessel and its crew ran into trouble yesterday. They had chartered a vessel to take them from La Ceiba Honduras to Belize. The vessel reportedly lost its engine in the area of Rio Tinto. They contacted their families who called the Belize Coast Guard, but because they are in Honduran waters - all they could do was ask the BDF to contact the Honduran Navy.

According to Coast Guard Commander Cedric Borland, the vessel is stranded but it has anchored and the lives of those on board are not at risk. But there is one complicating factor, they were transporting a dead body from Honduras to Belize, and that body is still on board. That alone makes it an urgent situation and Borland says he expects that some help is on its way.

We'll have an update on this in tomorrow night's newscast.

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