Xunantunich - got there before the rain and it was majestic. Instead of fishing today, I spoiled myself and got another massage. On the way back to the trek stop, I saw two armed guards with big riffles and asked, "Is the bank open today?" And they said, "No, sir. This is a casino." So I had some time to kill and decided to go in. I ended up sitting next to Eva from Eva's bar and grabbed a plate of free spaghetti with watermelon. Eva explained to me how the machine worked so I put one dollar in and hit the spin button and won approximately 210 Belizian dollars. I am now back at the trek stop while the lady in the kitchen is cooking me a five pound snapper. Having a great time, but on the road going to the trek stop at 5 everyday the same police man stops and asks to see my license. I will send some pics of Xunantunich in a few days when I get them. Wilkes University students are here doing development work, building a library in the city for local students. The library is not only going to be used for educational purposes, but is going to be used as a hurricane shelter and health clinic. It is a wonderful thing that these young adults are helping people in this country.