Keith looks like it might move west. Hope so. More than half the
hurricane is now over land and this is weakening it. Also a move west
will spare Caye Caulker from northeast winds, sea surge and waves.
Keith is narrowly focused. You pretty much have to be right around the
eye wall of the center to get those high winds. As hurricanes go, this
is a tiny one. Turneffe Atoll reports 90 mph winds and Ladyvill 50 mph
winds, Corozal 50 mph winds. San Pedro 100 mph winds.
The eye is lined up with the Coral Gardens and Hol Chan Channel marine
preserve. Now if it will just go west, we are in the clear. The
mainland can take a 90 mph breeze, but lots of rainfall?
San Pedro report driving wind and rain and 150 feet visibility. No
word out of Caye Caulker. The tower is down for BTL in San Pedro. Lot
of other stuff down from Ladyville, to Belize City to the offshore
Cayes. If the eye doesn't run over you, this is not going to be more
than a passing storm.

Ray Auxillou