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Is it Real?
Atlantis [TV-G]
Friday March 7 at 7pm and 10pm PST, 10pm and 1am (Sat) EST. Also airs Sunday March 9 at 9am PDT, 12noon EDT. Check Listings for Central and Mountain Times.
Ever since Plato first described the existence of an island paradise populated by an advanced civilization, the myth of Atlantis has captured the human imagination. Join NGC on a quest that traverses the globe in search of the ever elusive lost civilization of Atlantis. Join Prescott, AZ Author/Anthropologist George Erikson and visit Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula for an unconventional look at the Maya pyramids. Here Erikson reveals that construction (and destruction) themes crucial to both Atlantis and Maya are still displayed in ancient ruins that may have connected MesoAmerican cultures to the destroyed Atlantis.