from a friend who is a long time very experienced farmer in Belize

18 months ago I paid Bze $24 for a sack of mixed fertilizer. In Oct 07, I
paid $47 for the same sack. I have just been informed by my supplier, that
new supplies for the May/June planting of grains will be costing $92.

This world wide increase in the price of fertilizer will have an enormous
impact on the cost of all food produced. In grains, as fertilizer will be
representing 50% of my production costs at this new price, and assuming
that no other inputs increase, I will be forced to raise my prices by at least

The food we produce will be beyond the ability of many to buy.

Worldwide wheat has risen from US$3 per bushel to US $12 per bushel in
the last 4 months.

The cost of food and its production on whatever scale will be beyond the
means of the large majority of the peoples of the world.

As a farmer, I am very very concerned. I need to make a profit to stay in
business, but I do not want my produce priced so high that many cannot
afford it.

The solution to this problem is not difficult. It just requires that greedy oil
producing nations and high oil consuming nations have a conscience about
the majority of the peoples of the world.

Worldwide, all producing ago producers and manufacturers of agro inputs,
must be completely tax free, with inputs at reduced prices. X% of oil must
be sold to producers at 50% of the worldwide price. Failure to look at this
kind of scenario will lead to major worldwide famine and even larger
future costs in rescue efforts.

Would that there were some world leaders who really cared about people,
particularly the less well off.