from the Chamber of Commerce

Tom brought up the Impact Fee that is being considered by Town & Planning. He announced that a local member and developer had called with concerns on the effect of this cost. One version of the proposed fee being discussed is .5% of the value of the structure being applied for. Mayoress Paz said that she plans an open Town Meeting to have input before anything is adopted, and would like contractors, developers, to be able to present their views. The purpose of the Impact Fee is to create a source of income for the town so that it can begin to provide the infrastructure that our rapid growth demands.

Several Members also brought up the need for collecting property taxes, as well as considering higher taxes on land, and if necessary, only to re-assess property that is being sold. Several suggestions were made such as not renewing vehicle licenses, permits, business or liquor licenses to anyone with or leasing a property on which taxes are past due.