Here is some information I recently received as to the status of Belize City.

+roofs have blown off of some houses.
+some wood houses have collapsed.
+no deaths
+some minor injuries
+no power
+High tide expected in tonight around 10ish
+Less than 10% of the Belize City residents left to higher areas
+Shelters opened for 4 or 5 hours now.
+People trying to get into the shelters
+60 to 70 mph winds
+Flooding of approx. 1 ft.(one foot) in the Southside area
+Flooding of approx. 1 ft.(one foot) in Belama Phase #1 & #2
+injuries sustained to the little boy in the first house which collapsed were minor...cuts on face.
#Phones still on
#Cell phones still able to be reached (Bze City #)