From Fox News online today:

A commercial airliner taking off in Bangalore, India, hit a dog and skidded off the runway Thursday, prompting the city to start rounding up stray dogs, according to reports.

No one was injured on Kingfisher Airlines flight IT 2427 to Hyderabad, airline spokeswoman Beena Omprakash told Agence France-Presse.

"The plane was taxiing for takeoff when its front wheel hit a dog on the runway," Omprakash said. "The plane skidded and its nose collapsed. All the passengers are safe."

Reports said 29 people were onboard the short-haul turbo-prop ATR, AFP said.

Reuters reported that city officials began clearing stray dogs from Bangalore on Friday.

"We caught three dogs inside the airport area and three outside," a city official told Reuters. "The drive will continue."

The dogs caught will be sterilized and kept at the pound, Reuters said.