from the Chamber of Commerce...

Dr. Wil Lala reported that everything is on tract to build the trash bins, and thanked both Jeff Pierce of Reef Village, whom provided the transportation by barge of materials from the mainland, and Todd Beblow of Segway for his help in delivering the materials to the building site.

Dr. Lala reported that the Town Council notified him to pick up the $6,000 they are providing for the project. Jan Brown reported that the San Pedro Business Association will be doing a fundraiser for their contribution of $3,000, which would complete the estimated $12,000 that Dr. Lala has determined needed to fund this project.

Tom reported that 5 trash bins at $150 each have already been ordered through the Chamber. If any resorts, other businesses, or individuals would like to provide a bin either on the road or beach in front of their location, to please place your order quickly as these will go fast.

Dr. Lala also asked that anyone willing to help construct at any time, just call him at 226-2716 or email him at [email protected]

Anyone wanting to donate a bin to any group, school, church, or a specific area, please let the Chamber know as soon as possible. Email: [email protected]