Belize Barrier Reef is an outstanding natural system under the care of a government body by name 'Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System' with about 960sq km in area under it; this includes seven marine reserves, 450 cays, several mangrove forests, estuaries and three atolls. This reserve system has almost all types of formations associated with it.

I'm wondering who would be in charge of the Rosario Caye Problem the folks above or....

The Ambergris Caye Local Building Authority ( ACLBA) has been given the task to over see and monitor and regulate the civil engineering, architectural, coastal and land management activities which accompany this development.
Ambergris caye itself has a very fragile geo-morphological make up that is characteristically susceptible to coastal erosion, soil and bedrock instability, and all other sorts of effluent pollution deriving from well water treatment, oil spillage and sewerage treatment. Furthermore the adjacent inter-connection of the island environment with the reef and marine environment poses a serious problem for environmental and ecological sustainability particularly due to human activities.

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