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The tiny village of Succotz has successfully defended its title as the best marching band in Belize.

This despite some high-budget upstarts from Belize City trying to muscle into the action. I believe they have won the competition about five years in a row.

I think the little village pound for pound fielded the most bands.

If you are ever in the area I can recommend Benny's restaurant behind the Roman Catholic Church. Clean and family type atmosphere.

They have traditional Belizean fare, good prices, fresh juices including fresh squeezed O.J. (none of that from from concentrate junk that you see in most other restaurants). Their Hispanic dishes such as Escabeche, Chilmole, and Cochinita Pipil are how our parents used to make them. Of course they have Rice and Beans, Cowfoot Soup etc. And they make their own corn tortillas on site - by hand. They also make sere and good Creole boil-up.

Here's the band leader and the trophies.........

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