Sunday 7:10 p.m
I think the BDF wing should be loading their warehouse tonight with
tools, to move downed trees, telephone poles, wires and cables. That the
BDF should be assigned to Caye Caulker and San Pedro tomorrow with work
crews to clean streets of cables, trees, poles and house roofs.

Those towed barges should be ready to go tomorrow morning by 9 a.m. and
by 11 a.m. at the latest to reach before dark.

This presuming the hurricane eye continues West. But it would be smart
to get off to a FAST start knowing you are going to need some portable
generators, flood lights, fuel supplies and help BEL get things up and
running quickly. BTL should probably be on the islands tomorrow.
Certainly the Government personel with cell phones, to be distributed
with temporary 21 day carte blanche local usage only account.

All this preparation reclamation work should be done by night shift
TONIGHT Sunday. Lets show not only the world, but ourselves how quickly
we can bring order out of chaos. Don't forget many in those two towns
are going to be shell shocked and not able to think orderly and quickly.
An outside BDF force of work crews with axes, house jacks, wire cutters,
shovels and all that stuff will go along way to a quick psychological and
physical restoration of the human spirit as well as the physical disorder.

Lets see how quickly the talking and planning can be converted into ACTION.

Ray Auxillou