did a software update on the board last night, here's the major user level changes....

  1. The Who's Online Island
    Has been rewritten to include color codes, search bots, etc. And various other places around the forums. (shoutbox)
  2. Active Topic List
    New option on Active Topics to show Topics that do not have any replies yet. This is a great new option.
  3. Full Reply - New Buttons and Options
    Text Editor - code was given it's own menu.
    Text Editor - Aligned image left right and centre.
    Text Editor - list tags now support list=(circle|i|I|a|A|1|disc|square)
    Text Editor - Media Video, now you can embed your favorite video sites inside a post.
    Text Editor - A few Buttons have been moved around for ease of use.
    Text Editor - More Emotions can be seen in a popup window now.
  4. User List
    Member List User List has had a revamp.
  5. Page Numbering
    The page numbering code has been redone to make it easier to jump around forums/ Topics
  6. Hover Over Text
    Abbreviated subjects on the forum index/main page will show HoverText now of the subject. And in the Active lists too
  7. Watch - List
    You can now set your notifications to only notify you when a new topic is created, instead of for every post.
  8. New Footer Option
    At the bottom of the page In the footer bar there is now an option to change the Stylesheet or Language settings.
  9. Search - Options
    It is now possible to just search the body of a post, excluding the subject.
  10. New Style E-mails
    Emails will now send out both an HTML and plaintext copy.
  11. e-mail a post
    When emailing a post, you will now get the option of emailing just that single post, or the post and all of it's replies as well.
  12. Private messages
    It is now possible to email a Private Message to yourself.
  13. My Buddies
    Buddies is back, but with more functionality-You can check multiple users, and then launch a PM to all selected (within limits).
  14. My Feeds
    My Feeds' added to enable users to view automatically generated RSS Feeds for the forums they are allowed access to. This also includes their own Private Messages and Active topics/posts.
  15. Message List Oprions
    Viewmessages (PMs) has been enhanced to additionally include: Emailing of multiple selected PMs as well as deletion. (See Bottom of Pm Page).[/size]
  16. Active Topics
    Active topics to be more consistent and less cluttered. Also added on hover tooltip preview in full HTML markup, as an option.