Chamber of the Americas CEO Gil Cisneros will lead a commercial visit to Belize from May 28th to June 2nd. Recognizing that Belize is an increasingly important player in U.S.-Latin American commerce, attracting international businesses and tourists, Cisneros is excited about the business opportunities presented in Belize. The Chamber will explore and discuss those possibilities during the commercial visit.

Belize is located at the northern tip of Central America between Mexico and Guatemala. For tourists, the country's predominant allure is its eastern coast bordering the Caribbean Sea. However, the Chamber wants to inform its membership about Belize's other commodities as well, including the country's thriving real estate market and oil industry.

"The U.S. is the biggest trading partner with Belize," said Cisneros. "There are many Colorado business people in Belize involved in real estate development and tourism. Colorado is the second largest diving state; and many of our state's residents frequent Belize. Also, the country's oil industry has been discovered by Colorado business folks."

The Chamber's membership extends well beyond Colorado, with members located in 34 states and 26 countries. Cisneros said that the Chamber wants to acquaint Belize businesses with their international counterparts and create commerce opportunities, especially in real estate, construction and the hospitality industries.

"The goal is to make the proper high-level introductions so that we may start to introduce companies to one another," said Cisneros. "The other goals include strategic partnerships with various Belize organizations, a potential sister chamber office there, and a reverse trade mission. Since Belize is a struggling country, any business we can create between companies will provide jobs for Belizeans and other members alike."

Cisneros will spearhead numerous discussions between American business representatives and Belizean dignitaries and commerce leaders during the five-day commercial visit. The itinerary includes meetings with the U.S. Ambassador to Belize Robert Dieter, Head of Corporate Banking of the First Caribbean Bank Glen Smith and Head of International Department of Atlantic Bank Ricardo Pelayo. Other meetings are scheduled with Tropic Air President Johnny Grief, Bowen, Bowen LTD President Sir Barry M. Bowen, The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Emile Mean and Town Council of San Pedro President Elsa Paz, among others.

The commercial visit participants will witness first-hand some of the country's beauty when they travel to Belize. The Chamber wants to introduce its membership not only to the nation's boardrooms, but also inform them that the tourist Mecca is both aesthetically and commercially attractive.

For more information on the commercial visit to Belize, please contact Gil Cisneros at 303.462.1275 or at [email protected]