Actually, I'm not, but you can only take my word for that.

My wife is the one who wrote the "selfish americans" posting, and I wanted to say that even though we are best friends, we sometimes disagree on certain issues. That's called diversity, and I believe that's the stuff that makes the world go round.

I don't agree with any sort of stereotyping. When our world has advanced technologically to the point that we can send lovely little messages to and from other parts of the world instantly and anonymously, I think we could probably raise ourselves up enough to put our best face forward.

In support of my wife, I agree that the American Media can be stuffy and egocentric. Certainly the real concern in everyones mind is for the people going through this traumatic storm. But the good thing is, that noones seems to have been hurt and time will fix the damage done.

Hopefully, we people can understand the differences inherent to our individual countries. This is the reason that Americans visit a beautiful country like Belize, and the reason why some Belizeans come to the U.S. to work and go to school.
Those differences are the reason I fell in love with a Carribean princess.

Hey Belize, thanks for the natural wonders...

One Selfish American...