sumccat...let me introduce myself, my name is Pete I live in Denver Colorado.My wife and myself, and several of our friends from Colorado and all around the U.S. made our first trip to Belize this past July, and a wonderful trip it was the pepole of belize are so warm and friendly and welcoming (unlike some that have posted recently)we loved it so much that we do plan to return sometime soon.
My understanding is that tourism is one of the major contributors to the Belizian economy, so Iam happy to contribute to that economy.
sumccat, by the looks of your profile you live in the state of New York, I find that rather curious, that you ask us Americans to stay away, sicnce our presence is one of the very things that is helping your economy grow, but probably not fast enough for you , since you chose to leave Belize, and make a carrer as an actor (?) in the U.S.
Is it me or does this sound hypicritical