Hi all, Martin (as you might've guessed!) here.... newbie to this site.

I'm a Brit ex-pat who's been living in Thailand on & off for the past 20 years..... the past 10 full time owning a bar, guesthouse etc..... I now have a small (40+ covers) bar/restaurant in our 4th year of operation in a fairly busy seaside resort.

I'm not going to go into all the political bollox that's happening here.... suffice to say this old nomad is looking for new stamping grounds to set up in and AC, Belize looks far more favourable than Bermuda, Virgin islands, Turks etc etc. I'm not a burned out office worker looking to spend his days in a hammock "finishing my novel" or any other stories I'm sure you guys hear day in day out..... I'm an ex professional zoo keeper (elephant trainer to be exact!) who is used to roughing it the world over, picking up and relocating with my world in a pack on my back, and have for the last 10 years gained a hell of a lot of experience in the tourism service industry in what was not so very long ago a 3rd world country..

What I'd like to know, from any of you in the bar/cafe/restaurant/guesthouse business where staff the world over are notoriously transient is, are things the same in Belize? Are the locals generally good workers glad to have the chance of a good job, or are they basically lazy? Is there a good work ethic, or are you pulling your hair out most of the time?

Obviously I understand all the "spend 3-6 months here first to see if you like it etc" advice..... I arrived in Thailand all those years ago when my credo was: "I love it here because it takes everything you hold dear and true and turns it upside down and inside out" but when you now have a community of ex-pats who complain because Starbucks opened 5 mins late and the country really doesn't want you here, it's time to move on!

If anyone is uncomfortable about answering these questions on open forum I guess you can send me a pm, or email me at: [email protected]

Thanks for listening,


PS. Are there any Thai restaurants in AC?

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