Noel Escalante displays Belize photographs printed on canvas.

The Exhibit is sponsored by the Embassy of Mexico and Belize Tourist Board

IMB is a center to present arts and culture from Mexico and Belize.

Belmopan, 6 June 2008 .- The Mexican Embassy to Belize and the Belize Tourism Board presents the photographic exhibit "Beautiful Belize" by Belizean artist Noel Escalante at the Institute of Mexico in Belize (IMB).

Noel Escalante has a long career of over 20 years as a photographer. His main interest is snapping images on Belize: rivers, valleys, coral reefs, waterfalls, Maya sites, people and Belizean culture in general.

This exhibition presents photographs printed on canvas and not on paper, resembling oil paintings. The technique gives a colorful and particular texture that causes a pleasant feeling to the public.

"Beautiful Belize" will be presented at the IMB, cultural center established by the Mexican Government in 1993 at the former capital, in order to show culture and arts of Mexico and Belize and enhance cooperation among artists from both countries.

The opening of this exhibit will be on Tuesday, 10 June 2008 at 6:30 pm at the gallery of the IMB, but it will be open to the public until 27 June 2008. The public can visit the exhibit Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the IMB located at the corner of Newtown Barracks and Wilson Street in Belize City (entrance at Newtown Barracks)

For more information, please contact the Institute of Mexico in Belize at 223-14-08 or by e-mail: [email protected]