This morning at about 6:30 I look out the window to see what the loud noise is, and because we are on the second floor, and have a wall, we can't always see the street. We can see what goes by on the street, but not the street itself.

Anyway, I look out and here comes a backhoe. Traveling slow...which is highly unusual. Then I look behind it, and see that there is a house, about 20' X 10' on the back of a flat bed truck, traveling slow, behind the backhoe. The house is wooden and an odd assortment of colors, all of which are faded by the sun, and the windows and doors are covered with corrogated steel pieces. On top of the peak is the "wire lifter" who basically lays on the peak of the roof and raises the phone, cable and electric wires as they pass under them. Behind the house is another backhoe, and behind that, the caboose, is an empty dumptruck. I of course, was waiting for the marching band and the San Pedro Dance Company. As is generally the case, my camera was nowhere near, but it didn't matter. It was just a reminder, (like Elbert missing his boats the other day) of how much I love this place and that you just never know what you'll wake up to! cool

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