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The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) #290126
07/24/08 09:01 AM
07/24/08 09:01 AM
Joined: Oct 2003
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Brooklyn, NY
carbunkletrumpet Offline OP
carbunkletrumpet  Offline OP
Well, I have gotten over my depression and gotten my shoes to stop hurting so I figured I would start working on a proper trip report. I am going to try keeping it chronological so that I don’t forget anything and I do apologize for the length of this but I want to make sure I don’t leave any joint that we either drank or ate at, they all are good ones! First let me give a HUGE shout out and good job to the flight attendants on our Continental flight down to BZE, during the flight a passenger suffered a medical emergency and needed medical treatment while on board, thankfully there was a doctor on board but the flight staff kept everything under control and got everything that the man needed and did not create a panic. Job well done!

Day1 – Departure day – Arrived on island and had a grin on my face like a Cheshire Cat, checked into our room at Holiday Hotel, quickly unpacked, and then had a quick meal at Celi’s restaurant of Fish Fingers, Quesadillas and ice cold Belikins. Afterwards we made our way to the Tackle box and Josh took very good care of us as we talked to a new couple that we met in the airport from Houston. Dinner was from Blue Water as we retired early that evening not from too many drinks but that we were up rather early that morning. wink

Day2 – Breakfast was from Estelle’s this morning as I was craving fry jacks and freshly squeezed OJ, Mrs. Trumpet wanted some more rack time so off I headed down the beach. Mark took good care of me as I stared out and looked at that wonderful reef not saying a word, I really envy you residents you have that view every day! We had 2 of our friends arriving today so we hung on deck of Holiday’s reading and catching some rays. That afternoon we ventured south to Victoria House for some Nachos and to visit with our friends from Houston at Pelican Reef. Dinner that evening was at Celi’s Restaurant and if you have never tried her stuffed fish before give it a look, it is good. Later that evening being that it was July the fourth I felt that it was fitting that we celebrate it at proper English bar with some Brits so we ventured out to Pedro’s and ran into the Taco’s, Cindy and Paul (Happy July 4th guys!) and I got to meet RI Beth and Scott Kick from the message board so it was an added bonus.

Day 4 – I think I am starting to get into this vacation as I had my morning breakfast at Estelle’s and then sat on the deck smoking a cigar and admiring the reef and the water. We were waiting for one more in our party to arrive and after she did we headed down to Canucks for the pig roast. Good crowd there and as usual Dennis Wolfe and the band were doing it up right and good addition to the band with Richard on Sax. That evening we were invited to a 40th birthday celebration for Celi’s son-in-law Miguel so we attended and had a large time. They had a lady in from Belize City making fresh tortillas and it was the best thing I have ever eaten, they were so good I took some to my room that night!

Day 5 – After some Johnny cakes from Ruby’s and a good lazy morning, we ventured north over the bridge in search of my Brother from another mother Marlon up at Akbol the Yoga retreat. For those of you who have not been up there, please swing by and see what Kristen and Emilio have done, it is fantastic and the bar Shade is very nice. Hung out and took some pics and we then decided to head down to the Palapa Bar to listen to some music and see Scott and Jody. Got to have a couple of Birthday cocktails with Wonderwoman (she has me by 2 years) as we both were born on April 3rd and got a chance to hang out and talk about the old times. That evening we were not really definitive on dinner but said that we could all eat pizza so we headed over to Pedro’s for some Lobster and all Meat Pie. Andie Lee took good care of us I know that Peter gets a bad rap sometimes but he makes a hell of a pie, that crust is one of the bests.

Day 6 – Decided to have a lazy day (wait I am starting to see a pattern) but wanted to take some goodies that we brought over to Holy Cross School. Took a friend of mine who had never been before and after meeting Ms Francis and getting the tour of the grounds and the new computer lab it is awe inspiring on all the additions and the clinic is unbelievable. That afternoon we hung out reading and relaxing, I think maybe my blood pressure got above 100 but that was a girl in a thong walked by but other than that it was a lazy day. Had dinner at Casa Picasso and Jennifer and Chris are rocking along, had yet another great meal there and came away with a great experience.

Day 7 – We chartered a boat with Fishing San Pedro and had Pete Graniel as our captain on his big boat in hopes that we could lure one of our friends who gets queasy and she still bagged us. We fished south on the lagoon side and caught a good number of snappers, as a bonus Pete got us some Lobsters and I must say that our lunch was super. The rest of the afternoon we fished (between naps) and had a delightful day. Pete is a great captain and guide and if you have never fished please by all means give Steve a shout at That evening everyone was pretty much wiped out from fishing and being in the sun so some had a quiet dinner, I think I was sound asleep by 8PM.

Day 8 – Got up for breakfast with charged batteries and had a yet another great breakfast with Mark at Estelle’s as we were fishing today with my traditional guide/friend Felipe Ancona. It was just me and Mrs. Trumpet fishing today and we had a good day of getting smaller snappers and bait fish but no major fish to talk about, we had some good strikes but called it a day when one of the lady fish was bitten in half. We figured we would try again the next day. That afternoon we headed down to Fido’s Sandbar, Squirrel’s Nest and then headed over to the Hang over bar for drinks. Later that evening we dropped by Trivia at the Tackle Box but I am a little fuzzy, I blame being in the sun for my lack of memory. wink

Day 9 – Headed back out with Felipe and remember the lady fish that got bitten into two from the day before? Well we got another crack at it and I landed a 40# Cabrera Snapper and I was tickled to death, after some debate, I gave the big rod to Mrs. Trumpet (Don’t even say it!) and she landed a 30# Cabrera Snapper as well! We ended the day with a 20# Barracuda but decided to be nice and let him grow up so we threw him back. Heck of a day on the Alexis and a big thank you to Felipe. That evening after some debate we decided on having dinner at La Playa next door to our hotel. The drinks were wonderful and a shout out to Dave and Isabelle you guys are the greatest!

Day 10 – Let’s see what have we done a lot of (besides drink) this week? That’s right back to being lazy and not doing much of anything! Actually I met up with Taco Girl at Perk as she was procrastinating from not packing (don’t blame her) and we chatted it up. She finally decided to start the inevitable and start packing up her belongings as they were moving to a bigger taco shell so I headed back to the Holiday hotel and completed book number 2 that afternoon. For lunch I have read that Shuffles kept on recommending Waraguma on Middle Street so we got 5 burritos and paid roughly 40US and I was as full as a tick on a blood drive! That was the bomb, thanks for the advise Shuffles! That evening we headed back to La Playa as our friends who came down with us were leaving out the next day and we decided to have cocktails and then head to Central Park for the food vendor buffet which was equally excellent.

Day 11 – (Depression is starting to creep in as other friends are leaving cry.) After seeing our buddies off to the airport, me and Mrs. Trumpet head back north to see Marlon and have lunch at Akbol with Marlon. The Salbutes and Quesadillas were excellent and that place is going to be a very nice addition to the island when they get everything online. Swung by Palapa and ran into Wonderwoman again and we carried her up to Coco-Loco as we were invited to a going away party for British Keith from Captain Morgans. We have cocktails and finally decide that it is time to head home and head over the bridge back to Holiday Hotel and have our final meal of broiled lobster, rice and beans and potatoes a gratin. We retire to pack up our dirty clothes as we have an early flight the next morning.

Day 12 – (Depression is getting worse by the hour! cry cry) I wake up rather early and I think that it is fitting as I sit on the deck one last time and get one last sunrise! I head over to Celi’s deli for BLT’s and we leave the island on the 9AM Tropic flight. Get into Jet’s bar and are entertained with Jet telling all of the missionary high school kids that want a menu that he has both hot dogs and also hot dogs – they didn’t get it! We board the Continental flight after having the “one last Belikin” and sink into our seats…..

All in all this trip was one of the best and my most relaxing; the funny thing is that my trips just keep getting better and better. I figure I spent most of my waking hours looking out at the water, I smoked about 10 cigars during the trip (many before 11AM) and I didn’t even look at a TV after I watched the Wimbledon Men’s final’s match. I would like to give a shout out to the entire staff at Holiday Hotel, to each and every employee of each place named in the report, you run a class establishment and finally to the residents of San Pedro, you make the island a place that people want to come back to many, many times.
The funny thing is that I get asked many times by my friends and co-workers “Why do you keep going back to the same place time and time again?” My normal response is that when you find something that is perfect and a perfect fit for you and your wife then why do you want to change it. With that,

Thank you, Thank you verrrrryyyyy much – The Trumpets have left the island!
Pictures to come soon!

Last edited by carbunketrumpet; 07/24/08 09:04 AM.

But why eat my vegetables I already know that I am short!
Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: carbunkletrumpet] #290134
07/24/08 09:47 AM
07/24/08 09:47 AM
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bucks county, PA
sweetjane Offline
sweetjane  Offline
"The funny thing is that I get asked many times by my friends and co-workers “Why do you keep going back to the same place time and time again?” My normal response is that when you find something that is perfect and a perfect fit for you and your wife then why do you want to change it."

so very well said. super report, CB. sounds like another wave of contented memories. now i'm really jonesing for next month!

Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: sweetjane] #290202
07/24/08 02:20 PM
07/24/08 02:20 PM
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Arizona USA
azbob Offline
azbob  Offline
Great report, CT. I miss breakfast at Estel's so much: the reef, feet in the sand and yes the food!

"Hold on Tight To Your Dreams" ELO
Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: azbob] #290248
07/24/08 11:57 PM
07/24/08 11:57 PM
Joined: Jun 2006
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divingcowgirl Offline
divingcowgirl  Offline
CBT! The report is great! I keep getting the "hereford look" also when I say I'm going back for the 7th time in 2 years. Why change perfection (or at least my version of it)...

Take the road less traveled
Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: divingcowgirl] #290365
07/25/08 05:20 PM
07/25/08 05:20 PM
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J DOG Offline
J DOG  Offline
Nice report CBT, Windy W tells me every year this is our last trip to S P. But when I ask her where she wants to go this year I always get the same reply San Pedro! 20 yrs & still going to Paradise.

Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: J DOG] #290922
07/30/08 07:08 AM
07/30/08 07:08 AM
Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 803
Brooklyn, NY
carbunkletrumpet Offline OP
carbunkletrumpet  Offline OP
Sorry to steal your thunder Jane but I finally got the pics up;

It may be better to select slideshow as the pictures are rather large (work in process)

Last edited by carbunketrumpet; 07/30/08 07:10 AM. Reason: added something

But why eat my vegetables I already know that I am short!
Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: carbunkletrumpet] #290930
07/30/08 08:25 AM
07/30/08 08:25 AM
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shuffles Offline
shuffles  Offline
Nice job! I managed to escape most of those pictures!!! Great fishing too.......think it's time to go myself!

Change your Latitude
Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: shuffles] #290933
07/30/08 08:42 AM
07/30/08 08:42 AM
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Dita Offline
Dita  Offline
Very cool pics, CBT!!!! Thanks.

Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: Dita] #290942
07/30/08 09:21 AM
07/30/08 09:21 AM
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Chloe Offline
Chloe  Offline
Oh Bunkie, thanks for the tour on AC this morning. Loved every picture. Traffic jam, with your image in the rearview mirror, taking the picture, is cool.

Wish you could have had more fun and enjoyed the trip more, too sad! wink

Dare To Deviate
Re: The Trumpets return to the Island (it a long one) [Re: Chloe] #290943
07/30/08 09:32 AM
07/30/08 09:32 AM
Joined: Feb 2002
Posts: 5,255
bucks county, PA
sweetjane Offline
sweetjane  Offline
hey, man - no thunder taken...these are great! that last pic was the icing - very nice touch!

looks like you got the hang of PBase just fine.

suuuuuper job! 24 more days and i am SOOOOOO THERE!!!!!

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