Aquaculture is the way of the future and a way to relieve the fishing on the reef system, ......I love the Idea and Georges energy.
but be careful!

Noxious pest

"Impacts on Australian rivers, creeks and ponds have been great, particularly the dramatic decreases in native fish populations due to predation and competition for food by the fast breeding tilapia that consume a vast range of food sources [15]. Further habitat impacts include increases in local turbidity levels from nesting behaviours. Native fish, invertebrates, and other organisms also experience reduced access to cover through the aggressive territorial defence of breeding and feeding sites by some tilapia species.

Tilapia are listed as a noxious pest in Queensland, Australia,[16] and are spreading rapidly into previously untouched and relatively pristine river systems such as the Endeavour River near Cooktown.[17][18]

As tilapia can thrive in fresh, brackish and salt water,[19] it is thought that infestation in one river can lead to infestation of neighbouring rivers by the fish swimming from the mouth of one to the other through the sea.

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