Carnival Back Inna We Belize CD Released
Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Its celebration time and Belizeans across the country are gearing up to unify in patriotism for this year’s September festivities. The fun starts as of next week for the tenth and continues on the 21st as Belize celebrates its 27th birthday. It is also during this time of the year that Belizean artists shine with their original selections and just recently the patriotic song competition was held. Today, we are proud to introduce to you yet another thriving Belizean artist who has worked day and night to produce an album to add some extra spice to this year’s celebrations. His name is Roberto Carlos Hoare who has released his second album in his fifteen year singing career. Hoare better known as “Captain Roby” is a born Corozaleno and no stranger to the music world in Belize. The album is entitled “Carnival Back Inah We Belize” and features ten original songs for which all lead singing and lyrics were done by Captain Roby himself. We had a short one on one with him today to find out more about his latest release. Captain Roby – Artist “This CD contains musicians from all over the country like Mr. Joshua Arana who had been playing in tour with Andy Palacio, Mr. Casitllo who has his own Player’s Band. Paul Flores, engineer, and we have Trisha Gabriel singing backgrounds for my CD. We have MR. Clifford Barrow who is a well known guitarist in Belize City and I had to do so to get my music together. Since I don’t own a band I had to get musicians from all over the country.” Dalila Ical “How was that experience?” Captain Roby – Artist “Pocket wise, it emptied it…(laughs)…but it was a wonderful experience because apart from the money the guys put their hearts towards my music and they enjoyed doing it. They put their hundred percent so that the songs would come out very good.” Footage and music Captain Roby – Artist “I’ve always been inspired through my musical career but this time I had an inspiration through many things that are happening in this country and as you get a hold of my CD you will listen that I have a lot of messages for the Belizean public, no.” Dalila Ical “Messages like what?” Captain Roby – Artist “Well, in one of the songs I made, “Wake up Belizeans”, it speaks about the crime going on in the City of Belize. It is unfair to say only the city but the whole country and it tells what we can do to help stop the crime going on.” Dalila Ical “How many songs in this new album?” Captain Roby – Artist “This new album consists of ten songs with all different rhythms to satisfy the different races in the country, no.” Dalila Ical “So you have some Spanish in that too?” Captain Roby – Artist “Of course I cannot leave out my culture of music. I have cumbia, duranguenze and reggae, carnival, soca rhythm. I have a little Paranda in Spanish, my Punta is in Spanish, so I have a mix of everything.” Footage and music Dalila Ical “Why did you decide to release this album at this specific time of the year?” Captain Roby – Artist “Well what happened is that I made a song called “Carnival Back Inah We Belize” and it is a happy song for Carnival time and September celebration time and that is the main reason why I wanted the CD to come out at this time.” Lovers of Belizean music may know him already as he is the lead singer for the Elecrtosoundz band. He has produced a CD before some years ago but according to him, his latest release which he finished in June this year, is at a more professional level. The CDs are available at Leaonardo’s Studios for $25 a copy.

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