Belizeans in casino brawl appeal charges

[Linked Image] On July thirteenth we reported the shootout and car chase that started at the Las Vegas Casino and ended at Subtiniente Lopez. That incident resulted in the incarceration of three Belizeans and their American employer for Illegal Possession of Firearms and Attempted Murder of casino patrons and Mexican Nationals Luis Navarro and Edwin Jesús Navarro Meneses. The illegal firearm possession charge was eventually dropped but the more serious charges were not. The attorneys for the four men are appealing the charges of attempted murder imposed by the Mexican judiciary. That appeal will be heard this Friday. Since the incident occurred, Casino owner John Hardie Jr., and Belizeans Martin Miller, David Gomez and Curlin Thompson have been in custody at the Centro de Redeaptacion Social in Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

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