Edgar "Pato" Wiltshire is a responsible, reliable and knowledgeable "go to" guy for all kinds of local services. He is originally from Corozal and is married with a high school aged daughter. He has provided a "jack of all trades" service for me and some of my partners for the last two years.

He has a standard sized pickup truck and focuses primarily on SP town logistics services for resorts, businesses and individuals.


* High School Diploma
* Valid Commercial Boat Captain's License (34ft Commercial)
* Valid Driver's License
* Fluent English, Spanish and Creole
* Available on Mobile Phone 24x7
* Knows everybody in town - *knows the best deals and the rip offs*

Some of the the things he can do - I know because he's done all of this for me smile

* Caretaker services for a construction project or a snowbird home owner
* Go to a hardware store and purchase construction equipment
* Go to Bowen & Bowen and pick up beer/soda.
* Run around shopping at Green House, Super Buy, Island Supermarket etc.
* Move furniture, appliances etc
* Go to Belize or Belmopan to run errands (or Chetumal)
* Pickup lunch for an office
* Arrange for maid service and provide oversight and transportation
* Clean a boat or take a boat in for service - go to Captain Sharks and get parts
* Take your golf cart in for service, cleaning, oil bath
* Paint a room/house, build a shack, hang a picture etc. (handyman)

His rate is $15bz/hr (truck/fuel included) - and it is well worth it.


If somebody wants to hire him full time - it will be my loss - but you won't be disappointed.