Currently the SPBA & Minister of Tourism are faced with housing and feeding the BFD, Coast Guard and Police units that have been temporarily stationed on the Island. It has become a costly effort and also has proven to be inefficient for the group themselves.
Due to this situation the Chairman of the SPBA, Elito Arceo, has been doing some research on alternate solutions.
Here is a plan that he has come up with...
Create a permanent Barracks for the BDF, Coast Guard and Police on Ambergris Caye.
The Barracks would consist two buildings - one would be set up as a bunk-house with beds for 18 to 20 people and two bathrooms. The second building would be set up as a kitchen and dining hall.
The cost to purchase and ship two prefabricated Mennonite houses is BZ$30,000
Our Minister of Tourism has agreed to carry this proposal to Cabinet next Tuesday. In the meantime we have already received a pledge of $5,000 cash from Belize Legacy Resort, and very kindly, Cal and Amanda Syme have agreed to lease the SPBA a piece of land at $1 a year for five years on which the barracks may be constructed.
At this point we would like to put out a list of items that we will need. (Cash donations being more than welcome as well).
We will need:

Lumber to construct Bunks
Mattresses (regular or foam)
Shower stalls
Kitchen Sink
Pots & Pans
General kitchen supplies

A Stove has already been donated by SEAduced by Belize.
Those of you that are in the process of renovating your properties may have items that you are replacing... we would be more than happy to have your used items.
Finally, we believe that this plan will make having the BDF, Coast Guard and Police presence more manageable, which is in the best interest of all residents and businesses in San Pedro.
If we set up these barracks it will also give these groups a consistent location to eat, sleep and also organize and coordinate their operations on Ambergris Caye.
Please contact us with any questions, concerns or donations that you may have. Email: [email protected], Call 226-2254 or 610-1697, or stop by the Office in the Vilma Linda Plaza.