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SPBA Weekly Update #300244
09/23/08 06:29 PM
09/23/08 06:29 PM
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Portofino Offline OP

Portofino  Offline OP
San Pedro Business Association Weekly Update September 23, 2008

September General Meeting:

The September General Meeting of the SPBA is scheduled for Thursday September 25th 2008 at 1:00 pm at El Divino Restaurant (Banana Beach Resort). We realize that not every member can attend, but from the response received it seemed that the majority could, therefore we will proceed with this date. Minister of Tourism Heredia is scheduled to attend this meeting to discuss various issues.

For those members that will not be able to attend, information regarding this meeting will appear in next week's update.

Membership Drive:

The SPBA is currently holding a membership drive. All members are encouraged to try to recruit 5 more business owner/operators into the Association. The more members, the stronger the voice the SPBA has.

Non-members will be able to join the SPBA prior to the September General Meeting. If you intend to join prior to the meeting, please arrive by 12:30 pm to El Divino so that you can be admitted. Keep in mind that members of the SPBA must be business concerns operating on Ambergris Caye that pay Business Taxes.

Membership fees of the San Pedro Business Association are:

Basic Membership: $500 Bz per year.
(Membership + Basic Listing on

Advanced Membership: $800 Bz per year. (Membership + Advanced Profile listing on, including Photo and Links)

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at: 226.4474 or email:

South Beach Belize Development EIA and Public Consultation:

The Public Consultation for the South Beach Belize Development will be held on October 10th, 2008 at 6:30 pm on the 2nd level of the Alliance Bank Building in San Pedro Town. The general public is invited to attend.

Copies of this EIA are available for perusal at the San Pedro Town Council office, the San Pedro Library, The Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office, the Reef Village office, the Belize Fisheries Department in Belize City, the DOE office in Belmopan and on the web at the following location:

It is important that members attend.

BDF Housing and Feeding Issues:

The SPBA is still working hard on the issue of housing and feeding BDF members that are patrolling on the island.

This week starting Wednesday (September 24th) or Thursday (September 25th) we will need housing for 10 people. We need a place with a kitchen so that they can cook for themselves. Anyone that has rooms available needs to contact Rebecca at 610-1697. If we are unable to find accommodation for them they will have to be sent back to the mainland.

The Minister of Tourism has taken our request for funds to purchase the houses for barracks to the Minister of National Security and we are waiting for his response.

Meanwhile we continue to ask the community for support through cash donations or items from the list posted at the following link:

Other Business:

If members have any other questions, concerns or issues they would like addressed at this meeting, please contact Rebecca and let her know. Call 226.4474 or email:

Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: Portofino] #301280
09/29/08 05:47 PM
09/29/08 05:47 PM
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North Ambergris Caye, Belize
Portofino Offline OP

Portofino  Offline OP
SPBA weekly update: September 29, 2008
SPBA September General Meeting – September 25th, 2008

General Updates

Weekly Update: In an attempt to keep members more up to date the SPBA weekly update will be sent out every Tuesday via email, and posted to also. If something comes up, the best way to deal with issues is email. Send in any concerns, issues and/or ideas to: . Volunteers to work in the office are also welcome – even if it's just an hour or two a week.

Next Meeting: The next general meeting of the SPBA will occur on October 23rd, 2008. Full financial statements for the SPBA will be available at that meeting, and Financial Reports will be made available Quarterly after that. Although specific details from the accountant will be available on October 23rd, here are some very rough numbers to show where the finances of the Association are:

$41,000 Bz was raised for Security related issues and $44,000 Bz has been spent to date. It was costing $2,300 Bz a week to house and feed the BDF & Coast Guard members that were on the Island. Part of that was paid by the SPBA and the Minister of Tourism stepped in to assist with the rest. They are now cooking for themselves and this has dropped the cost down to approximately $500 Bz per week.

$30,000 Bz was raised in Member Dues. Approximately $9,000 to $10,000 Bz of that money has been spent. The general account of the SPBA has a balance of approximately $19,000 Bz at this time.

January Block Party: The second annual 'Savor San Pedro Food Festival' will be taking place in January 2009. The response from this year's event was very positive, so we are now in the planning stages of the 2009 event. Anyone that would like to assist in the planning and execution of this even is asked to contact Rebecca.

Housing the BDF: We currently do have housing lined up for the BDF for the next 2 weeks. Thanks to all that have stepped up to assist in the area. We do, however, need some assistance for the week starting October 7th. If housing cannot be found, the troops will be sent back to the mainland. Anyone with available room is asked to contact us ASAP.

The Plan to build a permanent housing solution for BDF and Coast Guard members is moving along well. Cal and Amanda Symes have generously agreed to lease a location for $1 Bz a year for this purpose. The plan is still to acquire 2 Mennonite prefab homes. A generous member of the community has also pledged to match any amount raised by the community towards this project.

The Master Plan for San Pedro: Coastal Zoning is currently reviewing the official Master Plan for the Island. They will be making recommendations for the Master Plan, and once community consultation has been done based on their review, an official Master Plan will be legislated.

Community Clean-ups: Various schools on the island are getting together for a community clean up project. On October 4th all schools will be participating. To date over 160 large garbage bags worth of garbage has been cleared from Boca Del Rio to Blue Reef.

Nominations for Vice Chair of SPBA: Nominations are now being accepted for the position of Vice Chair of the SPBA. Nominations will be accepted until October 20th, 2008 and voting for the position will take place at the next General Meeting (October 23rd). To nominate someone just email or stop by the SPBA office.

Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Honorable Manuel Heredia then took the floor to discuss some issues. His comments were as follows:

Minister Heredia commented how he is always willing to work closely with the SPBA in order to deal with the issues being faced by the business community of San Pedro. He then commented on some of the work that has been accomplished since taking office. He has visited almost every district of Belize to learn of the needs and issues affecting each area of the country.

The BTB has been re-organized and now the Board of Directors is comprised of stakeholders in the Tourism industry, and not of political appointees. He believes that the BTB is functioning better now by having good representation for the industry. The Directors have the interests of the industry at heart and are working very hard.

He is also committed to ensuring that a 25-year Master Plan is created and enforced moving forward, both on a National scale and for specific districts and areas, especially for Ambergris Caye based on the rapid rate of development that is taking place here.

Most of the marketing providers for the Tourism industry in Belize have been changed. This shake up is good, as it revitalizes the work being done to promote Belize around the world.

Minister Heredia is now in the process of re-organizing the Ministry of Tourism, much in the same way that the BTB has been re-organized.

Belize will be hosting the Summit of Responsible Tourism in 2009. At least 500 international representatives will be in attendance. This Summit will be held in the Toledo district. More details on this event will be forthcoming.

The government has pledged to ensure that money that is generated in a specific area in tourism stays in that area as much as possible. He is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure this pledge is kept.

Locally, there is some good news coming. The Street Sweeper has been paid for and will arrive on the island very shortly. A Trash Compactor has also been ordered and will hopefully arrive before the end of this year. Most of the Cobblestone Paving Project is complete, and they are now looking at the issue of roads in other areas that need improvement and fixing.

An Allocation of $75,000 Bz has been set aside to deal with the issue of Electricity in the San Mateo area. San Mateo is a problem spot. Various ministry officials have visited both the area and the School in an effort to figure out what to do with the issues of that subdivision. Recommendations from these various officials will be coming shortly. Suggestions of relocation & having the area filled properly have been made, however that is a very expensive undertaking. Under no circumstances will be the school be closed. The quality of education at Holy Cross is probably the best in San Pedro in Minister Heredia's opinion. The rumors of the school being forced to close had no merit at all. Minister Heredia was one of the first people to ask the Wilson's to open Holy Cross. It may have grown too quickly, however the school has his total support.

The Mayor and Town Council have done a great job, and have been working very closely with Minister Heredia. Cabinet has made it very clear that any issues involving the island, especially land issues, will be dealt with in close collaboration with the people of San Pedro. They have pledge to work closely with us to ensure that any decisions are the proper ones for the people of San Pedro. The Minister also asked for the help of the community, to let him know if any issues have slipped between the cracks.

On the issue of security, Minister Heredia mentioned that he speaks almost daily with Rebecca regarding security issues on the island. The government is working very hard to make San Pedro safe. Assistance from the Government of Belize will continue, especially from the Minister of Defense. There is now a very close relationship between the Business Community, Law Enforcement and the Government.

The Floor was then opened up for questions.

Q. Now that the issue of security is being addressed, it's time to start looking at the serious issue of Medical & Emergency care on the island. A community the size of San Pedro needs a 24-hour emergency care facility.

A. The Minister of Health is coming out to the island for 2 days to deal with the issue of the Poly Clinic. He agrees that this is a very serious issue that needs to be resolved. One of the issues regarding the Poly Clinic involves staff housing. The purchase of a couple DFC houses was looked at, as a means of housing Poly Clinic staff however it was decided that was too expensive. The idea of building housing on top of the Poly Clinic is being examined. Another large issue at the moment is the lack of a full-time administrator for the Poly Clinic. It is a very serious issue and the Minister of Health is working hard to resolve it.

Q. There is a grown concern that the issues concerning aviation are being blown out of proportion at the moment. Is there any plan to publicly address these issues?

A. Minister Heredia mentioned that this is actually one of the safer regions based on amount of flights vs. actual aviation incidents. Steve Schulte of Tropic Air addressed the issue stating that the investigation of the latest incident is on-going, however it appears that the incident was caused by engine failure in a brand new engine, and that there have been other issues with this type and make of engine in other areas (Guatemala for example). New engines are on order, and 2 new airplanes are coming as well. He noted that there have been only 5 incidents in the history of Tropic Air, even though they fly 200 flights a day, 365 days a year. Maya Air flies almost as many as well. Given the sheer number of flights made incidents are inevitable, however overall the records of both airlines are quite good.

Q. Will Municipal Airstrip be fixed any time soon?

A. There is a plan being negotiated with both Airlines to almost completely redo Municipal Airport. Tropic has practically agreed to the idea and Maya is being involved as well. It will cost approximately $8 million to fix, and hopefully the deal will be finalized very soon. Within 5 years all Airports and Airstrips in the country will be fixed and improved. Corozal has already been completed, and other projects are in the works according to Minister Heredia.

Q. Are there any Plans to deal with the Road North of the Boca Del Rio Bridge?

A. Engineers from the Ministry of Works are coming to island in October. At the moment there is no declared road north of the bridge. The Ministry of Works has the authority to declare a road and work out any compensation necessary to land owners etc. Once an official road is declared then work can be done to ensure that the road is maintained to an acceptable standard.

Q. What is the status of the Boca Del Rio road/sewage digging project?

A. Minister Heredia is disappointed how this project has been coming along and looking into what he can do about the situation. He is talking to the people involved in the situation to make sure that the streets are put back into proper shape, or else the potential to take legal action regarding this issue will be examined.

Q. The road in the south between the 2 dredging companies is getting to be in bad shape. Big trucks mean big potholes. If there is a big rain in the next little while that road will be impassible.

A. Minister Heredia will talk to the Mayor about this issue and agrees that the 2 dredging companies need to give back to the community and help maintain the road.

Q. San Pablo church is deteriorating. It might make a good spot to house and base the BDF. Can anything be done with this building?

A. Dealing with the Church Board can be difficult. The legal title of that land is in limbo, and therefore it might not make the best sense to use it in that fashion.

Q. What of the rumors about building a secondary access road around the Airstrip to ease some of the traffic congestion in town?

A. We have completed a survey and measurements have been taken to construct a road around the end of the airstrip. When the engineers from the Ministry of Works are on island they will be taking a look at this spot as well. Alternate access to the west of the island is really needed.

Q. The new veterinarian hired by Saga will be living in the Saga office. Would it be possible for some members of the SPBA to pool some money to provide more appropriate accommodation for the Vet?

A. The SPBA may or may not be able to take on this issue, but there may be members of the community that would be willing to help accommodate the new Veterinarian in a more suitable fashion. Anyone interested in this idea is asked to contact the SPBA.

Q. During slow season, what steps have the Ministry of Tourism and the BTB been taking to help promote for next year?

A. Medium and smaller hotels & tour operators have been given some breaks and incentives to help them gear up for next high season.

Final Notes

Trash Disposal: The question of what can be done about the Trash and Health situations on the island was raised. There are many cases of BEL Transformers being tossed into the Lagoon on the north of the island (at least 6 instances). Major household appliances are strewn along the road north as well in addition to other garbage. These are very serious Health issues and there does not seem to be any regulations relating to trash disposal. An alternative needs to be implemented. According to the recycling company in Belize City it is too expensive to get the plastic off the island. The Chamber of Commerce looked into bringing an incinerator plant but it was deemed to expensive.

This is a very serious issue. Any members with ideas regarding this issue are asked to contact the SPBA to help figure out a solution.

South Beach Development EIA Meeting: The Public Consultation for the South Beach Belize Development will be held on October 10th, 2008 at 6:30pm on the 2nd level of the Alliance Bank Building in San Pedro Town. The general public is invited to attend.
Copies of this EIA are available for perusal at the San Pedro Town Council office, the San Pedro Library, The Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office, the Reef Village office, the Belize Fisheries Department in Belize City, the DOE office in Belmopan and on the web at the following location:

It is important that members attend. Please be clear that the SPBA is not trying to focus on any particular development, we are just trying to ensure that all future developments on the island are following the same rules, laws and guidelines that every member of the SPBA have followed in the development projects they have been involved in.

Master Plan: Coastal Zone is doing a revamp of the Master Plan for San Pedro. Once this has been reviewed and updated, it will be made into law so that it is enforceable.

Hol Chan Expansion: The Hol Chan expansion has been approved. Some small details are being worked out and then there will be a large announcement and formal ceremony regarding the expansion.

If any member has questions or concerns they are asked to contact the Board.
San Pedro Business Association
Vilma Linda Plaza, San Pedro
Ambergris Caye, Belize
Phone: (501) 226.4474

Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: Portofino] #302843
10/07/08 02:54 PM
10/07/08 02:54 PM
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Portofino Offline OP

Portofino  Offline OP
SPBA weekly update: October 7, 2008

BDF Housing & Feeding
Once again we are looking for housing for the BFD and Police. Tomorrow they will be moving from Belizean Shores that was kind enough to host them over the last week. We need rooms for ten people. They can fit in 2-3 bedrooms but they also need a kitchen to cook for them selves.

We are also running low on funds to feed them. We need $500-$600 to feed them for the next week as well. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Rebecca at 610-1697.

Minister of Tourism, Honorable Mr. Heredia will have official word from Cabinet today about how much money they will be giving towards the purchase of the houses for the Police and BDF.

The Palms Hotel donated a dryer to Police and BDF housing project.
(Cash donations being more than welcome as well).

We still need:
Lumber to construct Bunks
Mattresses (regular or foam)
Shower stalls
Kitchen Sink
Pots & Pans
General kitchen supplies
Washing Machine

SPBA Meeting & Vice Chairman Vacancy
The next Meeting is October 23... We need volunteers or nominations for the position of Vice Chairman between now and the 20th. At this time no nominations have been made and no volunteers have come forward.

South Beach Development EIA Public Consultation

Reminder South Beach Development will be having its EIA Public consultation Friday October 10th on the second floor of the Alliance Bank at 6:30 pm. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The response to the weekly update has been very positive. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or issues contact the SPBA at:
Phone: 226.4474

Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: Portofino] #304450
10/15/08 05:15 PM
10/15/08 05:15 PM
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Portofino Offline OP

Portofino  Offline OP
SPBA weekly update: October 15, 2008

BDF Housing
The SPBA has raised $30,000 BZ from two private anonymous donors for the BDF housing.

Donations made to the SPBA for Food and Housing
$500 BZ Costa Maya
$1,000 BZ Blue Water Grill
$1,000 BZ Caliente
Thanks... it keeps the BDF and police here and fed.

South Beach Development
We need a consensus of the SPBA members position on the South Beach Development. Members have until 6pm Thursday October 16th to let us know their opinions. If members do not send in a "for" or "against" it will be considered an abstention. Votes are to be kept private. If you prefer that we phone you, please send in a phone number where you can be reached. This is for members only. This is an IMPORTANT issue that will effect our entire community and it is important that as an association we have a consensus. Anyone wanting to elaborate on their position is welcome to do so by e-mail.

Nominations for Vice Chairman of SPBA
Reminder that we are taking volunteers and nominations for vice chairman for the SPBA. No one has volunteered or been nominated. It is important that we fill this position.

October SPBA General Meeting
The next meeting will be October 23rd.

Weekly Update Archives
All weekly update emails can be found at

Other Questions and Concerns
As always, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or issues please email them to

Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: Portofino] #305976
10/22/08 01:39 PM
10/22/08 01:39 PM
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TacoBoy Offline
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SPBA Weekly Update: October 22nd, 2008

October General Meeting Rescheduled…

The October General Meeting of the SPBA has been postponed (due to the weather) from the originally scheduled date of October 23rd to Thursday October 30th at the request of several members. Please note the new date. The location of El Divino Restaurant, and the time of 1:00pm still apply. The SPBA financials have been prepared and will be presented at this meeting.

BDF Housing Update…

Temporary Housing for the BDF is required STARTING TODAY. If anyone can assist in the matter please contact Rebecca ASAP. The SPBA have raised the target goal and have provided a deposit on the Mennonite houses that will be erected for Police, BDF and Coast Guard housing. They should be ready in about 10 days.

Savor San Pedro Food Festival 2009 Dates Announced…

The 2nd Annual Savor San Pedro Food Festival Block Party has been scheduled for Saturday, January 25th 2009. Savor San Pedro celebrates the culinary creativity of Ambergris Caye. The Block Party will feature competitions for Best Food Dish, Best Drink and Best Overall Booth. Anyone interested in assisting in the planning of this event is asked to contact Rebecca.

San Pedro Lobsterfest 2009 Dates Announced…

The San Pedro Business Association is pleased to announce the dates for San Pedro Lobsterfest 2009. The festivities will kick off with the traditional “Meat & Greet” Cocktail Party at El Divino Restaurant (located at Banana Beach Resort) on Sunday June 14th, 2009. The ever popular ‘Lobsterfest Town Block Party’ will be the grand finale of Lobsterfest 2009 on Saturday June 20th, 2009. In between those dates will be a variety of events. Please stay tuned for more details!. Anyone interested in assisting in the planning of this event is asked to contact Rebecca.

World’s 300 Greatest Events to include San Pedro Lobsterfest… and Frommer’s are in the process of compiling a book on the world’s 300 greatest events to be published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. in 2009. They have selected the San Pedro Lobsterfest to be included in the book. Publicity of San Pedro Lobsterfest will include listings on and as well as selected partner websites. It will reach around 5 million unique users a month and generate 30 million page views.

If any member has questions, concerns, issues or ideas please contact the SPBA.
Phone: (501) 226.4474
Email: [email protected]

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Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: TacoBoy] #307289
10/28/08 02:41 PM
10/28/08 02:41 PM
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SPBA Weekly Update: Oct 28th, 2008

Currently there are no BDF soldiers on the island due to a lack of housing. Any member that can accommodate 4 soldiers is asked to please contact Rebecca ASAP so we can get them back on the island patrolling the streets.

Relief Efforts for the Mainland
As was emailed yesterday, a relief effort is underway on the island to assist areas of the mainland hit hard with flooding. Please note that at the present time the most urgently needed items are Baby Formula. Since yesterday the need for Diapers has been filled for the present time, and due to a lack of storage people are asked to NOT send clothing.

The most efficient way to assist is Cash Donation, since it is cheaper to buy needed goods on the mainland than it is to purchase them here on the island and ship them back to the mainland. If you would like to give a cash donation please contact Rebecca at (501) 226.4474.

October General Meeting
The October General Meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at 1:00pm (October 30th), however a number of members will not be able to attend the meeting. We are asking for members to please let us know if they would like to proceed with the meeting as scheduled, or if it would make more sense to postpone it until the November General Meeting. Please respond asap, so that a decision can be made.

Financial Reports
Regardless of if the October General Meeting occurs, copies of the Financial Report of the SPBA will be available on Thursday. If you would like a copy you can pick one from Rebecca at the Seaduced office in Vilma Linda Plaza starting on Thursday.

If any member has questions, concerns, issues or ideas please contact the SPBA.
Phone: (501) 226.4474

Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: TacoBoy] #315388
12/20/08 11:53 AM
12/20/08 11:53 AM
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Portofino  Offline OP
SPBA Update: December 20th, 2008

Wishing all of the Members of the SPBA Happy Holidays.

January General Meeting
There are several items that we need to look at as a group. Please let us know if Tuesday January 13th is a convenient date for the next meeting.

BDF Housing
As was recently reported in the newspapers, the Housing for the BDF has been built and the men are now using the facility. However, while the housing have been built, they have not been completely outfitted as of yet. We are still lacking in a number of key items for the houses (ie. Bed's), and water has not been hooked up yet due to a lack of funding. As the BDF members will be with us over the holiday season, we are also asking if any members can help to make their holidays a little more festive with donations of food items and perhaps a few 'gifts' to show the troops our appreciation for their efforts. Please contact the office with any suggestions, ideas of items that you may have.

November Meeting Minutes
Below is a short transcript of the November General Meeting.

BDF Scheduling & Tasking
The question was raised regarding who is in charge of the 'tasking' and scheduling of the BDF members while they are on the island. As of now they report to Officer Arnold and an agenda is set for their time on the island. Their supervisors will come out to meeting with Officer Arnold and the SPBA to help work out a chain of command and to deal with logistics issues.

The BDF also asks for the feedback of SPBA regarding specific issues that arise and immediate problems that come up so that they can deal with them in a timely manner. A mechanism should be set up whereby the Officer in Charge can be alerted to immediate problems. At present these types of issues are still being coordinated through the Police Department.

Timeshare Issues
The Town Board has asked the SPBA to resubmit any letters received regarding timeshare issues. The Town Board has done this because they are working on ensuring that all Timeshare Operations are fulfilling the rules set out. To reiterate the SPBA's official position on the matter, we are not against Timeshare, and are responding to the requests of the Town Board and BTB to help ensure enforcement of the existing rules.

Events: Savor San Pedro Food Festival
A reminder that the 2nd annual Savor San Pedro Food Festival will take place on Saturday, January 25th 2009. This year we would like to include a cooking competition. Local chefs would be given the task of creating a meal with a mystery ingredient that would only be revealed at the time of the competition (like the Iron Chef competitions). In order to succeed we would need at least 4 or 5 chefs to enter. If any members would like to enter, please contact Rebecca.

A member also suggested combining recipes provided by various chefs on the island into a San Pedro Cookbook, which could then be printed and sold to help in fundraising activities. If any members would like to help organize that endeavor, please contact Rebecca.

Events: Lobsterfest 2009
A reminder that Lobsterfest 2009 will take place from Sunday June 14th to Saturday June 20th, 2009.

Events: Eco-Challenge Kayak Race and Reef Festival
The SPBA will be working with other Parties to re-establish the Reef Festival to run in tandem with the next Ambergris Eco Challenge. This past year there were some crossed-wires in communication, which is why the Reef Festival did not take place.

SPBA Membership Fees
It was decided by popular vote that Membership Fees to the SPBA would be decreased for 2009. The new Membership Fees will be as follows:

Basic Membership: $300 Bz per year (down from $500 Bz)
(Membership + Basic Listing on )

Advanced Membership: $500 Bz per year (down from $800 Bz)
(Membership + Advanced Profile listing on, including Photo and Links)

2009 Membership Fees will be addressed at the January General Meeting.

Open Floor Items
A number of items were discussed in the open floor session. These include:
1. The Road Paving and Sewer and Water extension from Richie's Hardware to the Bridge. Members want the SPBA to take a more active role in getting this issue resolved, and in the larger issue of Sewage and Waste Management.
2. Improving Street Signage and Parking – Especially I the town core. Members were also encouraged to take advantage of the new Parking Facilities located on Middle Street as a way to decrease traffic and congestion in town
3. Master Plan: The first draft of the Revised Master Plan should be done in Late December 2008 or early January 2009. The SPBA, Hol Chan, Green Reef, Town Board and Tour Guide Association will all be consulted on any suggested changes to this first draft

Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: Portofino] #318262
01/12/09 01:28 PM
01/12/09 01:28 PM
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TacoBoy Offline
TacoBoy  Offline
Savor San Pedro Food Festival:
Due to a scheduling conflict, the Savor San Pedro Food Festival date has been moved to Saturday January 31st 2009 from January 24th. Booths will be $500 BZ. If anyone would like a booth please call 610-1697 or email [email protected] Also, also anyone that would like to be part of the entertainment can call or email as well.

Come enjoy live entertainment and sample food and drinks from the finest restaurants in San Pedro. There will be prizes for the best appetizer, best main dish, best dessert, best cocktail, most creative dish, and the PEOPLES choice award for the best all around booth.

January 2009 SPBA General Meeting Reminder
The SPBA January 2009 General Meeting has been rescheduled for Friday January 16th and will take place at El Divino Restaurant (Banana Beach Resort) at 1:00 pm.

Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: TacoBoy] #318927
01/16/09 10:36 AM
01/16/09 10:36 AM
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Portofino Offline OP

Portofino  Offline OP
Originally Posted by San Pedro Business Association
Urgent notice that the SPBA January General Meeting, which was scheduled for today at 1:00pm has been postponed.
Minister Heredia is ill today, and SPBA Chairman Elito Arceo has been called away from the island on BTB business.
We will announce the new date ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Re: SPBA Weekly Update [Re: Portofino] #324260
02/18/09 02:35 PM
02/18/09 02:35 PM
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Portofino Offline OP

Portofino  Offline OP
Originally Posted by San Pedro Business Association
The February SPBA General Meeting will be held on February 26th, 2009 at El Divino at 1:00pm. The Minister of Tourism and members of Town Council have requested an audience with the SPBA, and will be in attendance.

A complete agenda will be sent out in a few days. Any member that wants an issue added to the agenda can reply to this email with it.

Please remember that we do need the 2009 Membership Dues. We have lowered the rates, but continue to help with the Police and BDF, as well as organizing events like the successful Savor San Pedro and the upcoming block parties for the Ambergris Caye Eco-challenge and LobsterFest. Dues can be brought to the the meeting on the 26th.


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White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
We handle all aspects of the purchase of your Real Estate in Belize. From in depth property searches to your final closing.
Click for Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, Welcome to a World of Adventure
Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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Cayo Espanto
Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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Click for exciting and adventurous tours of Belize with Katie Valk!
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