September 23, 2008

The People’s United Party will be celebrating their 58th anniversary on September 29th. The People’s United Party is the oldest political party in the country and a week of activities has been organized by the party. We spoke to Acting Secretary General Servulo Baeza who told us more about their week of activities.

Servulo Baeza, Acting Secretary General
“On Wednesday we will be having a panel discussion at Independence Hall where we will be looking at three panelists who will be discussing the early years 1950 to 1981. Then we will have some of them discussing the post Independence 1981 to present: 2008. Finally somebody will be discussing the way forward, 2008 onwards. That will be at Independence Hall on Thursday at 7:30. On Thursday we have a radio show at 7:30 and again we are going to have some of our PUP followers who have been with the party from its onset. At 5:30 we are having a youth forum and rally in Orange Walk and that will be along with the Belize Youth Group, which is the youth arm of the party. That should take place from 9am to 3pm. On Sunday we are having a national party council meeting and thanksgiving service. On Monday we will have a photo exhibit and the launching of our new web-site at Independence Hall at 10 o’clock.”

Since the inception of the People’s United Party they have recorded remarkable achievements. Baeza told us more about this and the party’s way forward.

Servulo Baeza, Acting Secretary General
“One of the things we are always emphasizing is the great history of the People’s United Party has had over all these years. It has been the party that has been in government for more years. Most importantly it is the future of the People’s United Party; our dream that we have in terms of serving the people even though we might look at the defeat of that the party sustained February 7th. The party is still a very strong party, it is a very vibrant party, and it is certainly rebuilding itself. We have gone through a process where we have elected a new leader now. One of the criticisms we have gotten is that after Independence in 1981 the party didn’t have a goal in terms of where we wanted to go. Even though we were able to win elections is 1988 and in 2003. That was one of the things some people felt brought about the demise of the party in 2008. The message that we have to bring across today is one that we are a party that has a great history and we have a great future ahead of us.”

Members of the party’s executive and other members will be appearing on local talk shows to highlight the party’s achievement over the past 58th years.

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