Not Aruba this time, but Bonaire has got a girl missing since Saturday, and the the investigation has been a pileup of police errors ever since. Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao are not the ideal places to send your daughter since the disappearance of Nathalee Holloway!
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Dutch woman abducted in the Dutch Antilles
The Dutch Antilles island of Bonaire is in shock after a young Dutch woman went missing during the weekend.

AD, De Volkskrant and Trouw report on the abduction that bears similarities to the Holloway case that took place on Aruba. Twenty-four-year-old Marlies van der Kouwe disappeared after an evening at a popular bar on Saturday night. She was seen being dragged off her bicycle by one or two assailants on a scooter. Only her bicycle and flip-flops were found.

Wednesday there was another attempt to abduct an 8 year old girl on Bonaire, according to the Dutch Newspaper "Algemeen Dagblad" but she managed to escape.

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