Saffiyah: Brazilian band in Belize and more

[Linked Image] There is a Brazilian band in town and much more entertainment around the country, Saffiyah has the details.

Hey, Iím Safiyyah and this is whatís happening Belize.

September celebrations have come to an end and Iíll say it was definitely a September to remember. The carnival chaos could have ruined the entire celebrations but our patriotic spirits let the fun continue. And allís well that endís well.

Although the end of the celebrations means that activities have slowed down a bit, but I still have a few for you to look out for. There will be a performance by the Brazilian String orchestra on the third of October at eight p.m. They will be performing along with the Belizean String orchestra and Pallotti School of music Chamber Orchestra. These performances are being brought to you by the Embassy of Brazil to Belize. Tickets are fifteen dollars reserved and ten dollars General.

This weekend if you are in the San Pedro area you can go check out the Northern ATLIB Regional Volleyball Tournaments being held. Competing in male and female games are Corozal junior college, Muffles Junior College of Orange Walk, San Pedro Junior College, Wesley Junior college and SJCJC of Belize City. The southern regional has been postponed due to bad weather. After the first and second place male and female winning teams from north and south are selected, they will move on to the nationals being held on eleventh October. The entrance to the games is free and there will be food and drinks on sale. So if you are near by then take out the family and enjoy the live games.

In Belmopan the rotary club will be having a wine and cheese party as a fundraiser for the Belize children project. There will be live music and a silent auction. Its fifty dollars to enter and that includes a glass of wine and a raffle ticket for some amazing prizes. The wine and cheese party, being held under a Mardi Gras theme, will run from seven p.m. to eleven p.m. at the George Price Center. So if you can, support this fundraiser itís for a good cause.

The Muslim community of Belize and the world as a matter of fact will be celebrating their Eid this Tuesday. The Eid is a celebration to mark the end of the month of Ramadan, a month of fasting. The day begins with the Eid Prayer and continues with fun activities throughout the day, usually ending with a grand feast. So if you meet a Muslim on Tuesday feel free to say Eid Mubark or happy Eid.

Well thatís all for now, let me just remind you that duets is getting down to its final contestants. So make sure you donít miss a week. You can still vote for your favourite couple. And if you missed this weeksí show you can check it out on Sunday at eight p.m. here on Channel Five.

Alright guys, got to go! Have a great weekend, Bye.

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