Anita Henry Crowned the 1st Miss Y international

Saturday, 20 September 2008

[Linked Image] Belize City, Wed. Sept. 17th, 2008 - For the first time ever, this year a Miss Y International Pageant was held and the venue was Belize City. On Friday night, September 12th, 6 beautiful Belizean seenagers - Rizpah Seguro representing Fort Lauderdale, Anita Henry as Miss Belize, Flora Anderson-Chestnut as Ms. Chicago, Rita Trapp as Miss Los Angeles, Mary Amanda Usher Swales as Miss New York and Glenda Lewis as Ms. Miami, all strutted their stuff while vying for this prestigious title. When the pageant was all over, our Miss YWCA Belize, Anita Henry captured the title, allowing the host country to keep the crown. Second place went to Miss Miami, while 3rd place was stolen by Miss Chicago.

The BELIZE TIMES today spoke with the proud and “sprightly” winner, Anita Henry, who told us that she felt like Cinderella being kissed by her prince as she wore her glass slippers. “It felt magical, like a dream come true”, said Henry. Henry, who was Miss Y 2007-2008 and just gave up her crown to the reigning queen, said that she first decided to enter the contest after she was tested and urged on a daily basis by a receptionist who works with her at Belize Medical Associates.

When she would reach work the young lady would say, “Morning Miss Y” and then tell her how she would bet anyone that she, Miss Henry, would win the title if she would vie for it. One day on her way to Hoy Eye Center, she looked over to YWCA and decided to go over and request to be a participant. She went and asked for Miss Linares and told her, “Contestant #10 is here”. Smiling, Miss Linarez told her that they did not have ten contestants and then got the necessary information from her.

Henry said that for her talent presentation she chose to do a piece on food crisis, because the topic is very relevant today. She urged Belizeans to get back to farming and cultivation and on stage she had a wheelbarrow with every fruit you can think of, including watermelon, lime, papaya, corn, and noni.

All contestants were born and raised in Belize. Seguro was born and raised in Grace Bank village. She moved to the United States in 1983 and now owns her home and is a retired grandmother of 41 and great-grandmother of 30. Flora, 60, said that she loves this opportunity to visit her homeland, as well as to be a part of history. She works at the DePaul University’s Culture Center as the resource coordinator. As she keeps in touch with her homeland, Flora has also written an inspirational book called, “Quiet Moments Rejuvenate the Soul - Reflections of a Belizean Woman.” Rita was once a teacher in Belize and taught from Corozal to Punta Gorda and after migrating, she worked at the UCLA Hospital for over 21 years. Glenda left Belize at age 16, and is now retired after working with Bellsouth Telecommunications for over 35 years. She is now the treasurer of the Belize Association of Florida. She is a mother of three and grandmother of two. Mary Swales is the President of the Belize Chemotherapy Organization of New York, with hopes of opening a treatment facility here at home.

In the introduction, each contestant walked and swayed to the traditional song, “Pretty Woman”. Every “young at heart” contestant was recognized as a winner and was given a title. Seguro won Ms. Determination, Swales got the Ms. Gracious title, Trapp is now Ms. Courageous, Henry is Ms. Perseverance, Flora is Ms Vivacious and Lewis is Ms. Personality.

Among the gifts for the winner is a titled parcel of land. Emcees for the night were Lauren Herrera and Raphael Martinez. The youngest contestant was 61 years old and the oldest young one was 76.

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