After a whirlwind tour of the US the last couple of months, thought I would share with some of you the tactics I used in order to fly cheaper. You'll have to be willing to spend some time planning, but it certainly worked for us.

I initially made our flight from Cancun to Miami, and return flight from Miami to BZE. Didn't mind the bus ride but didnt want to mess with it on the way back. Just remember that it will add a day onto your trip on the way here. Because our travel originated in Belize, I had to use the major airline websites, but if you are coming from the US, you may be able to do this same process on,, or one of the others, from your city to Miami/Houston/Charlotte/Atlanta, depending on what day of the week you are traveling. I found that as usual, Tuesday was the cheapest day of the week to travel.

That flight cost $443 total per person, round trip. So we had several cities to visit once we arrived and I ended up making flights from Miami to Indianapolis, Indianapolis to LAX, LAX to Austin, then Austin to Miami. The total for all of these flights was $312.00 per person.

You can find out what the specials are from your city at (as an aside, I love this site, they publish airline "mistakes"....56 people flew from NY to Paris a few years ago for $29 each way when the airline 'forgot' to put a "4" in front of the price) Just type in your home city and if you want, they will even send you emails every week telling you what the specials are from your city When you search their listings, they will tell you what airline, so if you want, you can go directly to the airline site and check the prices directly on the airline's site, or go out to one of the other discount sites.

I'm not in any way suggesting this is easy, you have to be sure that the flight times match up and all, but if you are willing to spend the time to save a few hundred dollars, (the flight from Belize City to Miami and back was over $650 per person), it may be worth it.

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