1. 6600 Sq Ft. available on the ground level.
2. 3300 Sq. Ft. is finished with 3 offices on the mezzanine level.
3. The finished space is AC ducted for central air if desired.
4. The ceilings are all 12 ft with the finished space having a drop ceiling installed.
5. There is a gated and fenced back yard.
6. Loading dock access to the balance of 3300 sq ft warehouse space with a 10 ft steel curtain gate and again 12 ft ceilings.
7. There is a drive up ramp that can allow a vehicle to access the loading platform itself as well as directly into the space.
8. Forty foot containers are easily accessible to the loading dock and probably an additional 2 could be stored within the fenced yard.
9. The building itself is strong and secure while also located in a safe and quiet neighborhood.
10. The location is only a half mile south of the San Pedro Airstrip and one block off the newly paved Coconut Dr.

View Photos: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=dsn7d9b_0fvvcq7&hl=en

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