1st time posting though I've been keeping an eye on these forums for a few years. Wanted to pass on this info about Continental that I was not aware of until tonight. Made reservations in May for Feb 09 trip flying from Knoxville, TN to BZE on Continental. Numerous schedule changes would have resulted in us probably missing last flight to San Pedro as well as only allowing us 1 hour connection/clear customs time in Houston on way home. Not too happy with Continental. Int'l reservationist I spoke with said that they would refund full ticket price if I wasn't happy due to schedule changes. Had just read the posts about the great sale prices. Rebooked on American from Atlanta to BZE with much better times. Best thing is I was refunded $1531.20 from Continental and paid American $426.20! Will have to overnight in Atlanta for 2 nights but for $1100 I think that's a great deal!