If you noted that some doctors were unavailable for regular check-ups and appointments today, it’s because they were at the Cahal Pech Room of the Radisson for the twenty-sixth annual Belize Medical and Dental Association Congress. B.M.D.A. has grown over the years and is now at a juncture to focus on generalizing medical practices of nurses, pharmacists and doctors. The Congress is also looking at innovative techniques and procedures that can be applied in Belize.

Various medical facilities and organizations are showcasing their products and services while others were offering samples of the types of medicines they distribute. President of B.M.D.A., Dr. Silvio Correa, says that the organization is looking for a partnership with government to provide affordable services and medicines to the public. Correa told News Five they are also working with G.O.B. to legislate a Belize Medical Act.

Dr. Silvio Correa, President Belize Medical and Dental Association
“It is actually a series of laws that we are trying to get government to approve for the Belize Medical and Dental Association. It’s to protect and regulate the practices in Belize. At the moment, many doctors are practicing without a license. The next thing that it will do, it will make the doctors countrywide more participative in events like this one and practically set new rules as to why they need to participate. An example will be to create certain points for the continuous medical education we have every month. It’s a compromise that we have with all the doctors in Belize and any type of health related personnel to come to our congresses to learn a little bit more of what new is happening worldwide. We’re having international presenters coming in. Practically, that is one of the objectives of the Belize Medical and Dental Association, the next one is to try put our doctors abreast to give a better health care to the population of Belize. One of the things that we are trying to push with the government of Belize to try legislate the Belize Medical and Dental Association. With that the participation of the doctors be countrywide, not only the one’s that are interested but to actually—if we get legislation we’ll be having more participation and if we do that we’ll be having a better health care for Belize.”

According to Correa, members of B.M.D.A. have rendered assistance to the persons in the Kendall area affected in the recent flooding and plan to assist in any other way possible.