Is Florencio Marin Sr. Plotting A Comeback?

[Linked Image] The PUP executive held a regular meeting in Belize City today but they discussed a most irregular report: a retired PUP politician is bad mouthing the current leadership and says heís going to take over the party. 7NEWS has confirmed that Corozal Southwest Standard Bearer Greg Garcia has written to the party executive complaining that Florencio Marin Sr. who retired from electoral politics this year, told a gathering in Corozal Bay on the partyís birthday that the present party leadership was inadequate and leadership posts occupied by G-7 traitors.

According to Garciaís report, the message was broadcast live on Radio Bahia, a PUP friendly radio station in Corozal. We could not reach Marin Sr. for comment. But Garcia says, more than bad mouthing John Briceno, and his deputies Cordel Hyde and Mark Espat, Marin is also working to undermine him in Corozal Southwest. Garcia says he has told PUPís in southwest that he wants to take over that seat and from there launch an attack on the partyís leadership. Again, this is Garciaís information, put to the party executive in a formal letter but we could not reach Marin for comment.

But there is definitely something to it because Florencio Marin Jr. is also running an executive red in Corozal Southeast. Marin Jr. who took over that seat from his father when he won by a close margin in February has written to the partyís secretary general telling him that his division will hold its standard bearer convention on November 23rd.

Might not sound like such a big deal but thatís just not how itís done, not at all. The chain of command goes the other way: the executive declares the convention season open and the constituencies then select their days from within that. Convention season is also usually held in the run up to a general election, not in the runĖup to a municipal when all energies should be focused on electing town councils.

The long and short of it is that thereís trouble brewing for Briceno in two Corozal divisions and the next few weeks will tell whether the brew is a tempest in a teapot or the strong stuff. But what we do know is that Bricenoís leadership has reached out to the Marins but they have remained stand-offish.

Live and let live