[Linked Image] Tonight, flood waters continue to bear heavily on the Belize and Orange Walk Districts. First, to the Western Highway where there is intermittent flooding between Old Belize at mile 4 right up to mile 9. The water is 9 inches above the road at its highest and Ministry of Works engineers continue to assess the highway for two things: first, the structural integrity of culverts and second, if it is safe for small cars to pass. At this point, the highway remains open to all vehicles, but drivers must proceed with extreme caution.

The Northern Highway is a mess, but does not report water levels that threaten the passage of low vehicles. Flooding continues in Belama phases three and four and is now going into the phase two area. A pair of emergency culverts were installed last night to ease the flooding, and we’ll tell you about that later in the news.

Elsewhere in the Belize District, on the Crooked Tree Lagoon the water above the causeway is finally starting to fall, but very slowly. River levels near St. Paul's, Willows Bank, Double Head Cabbage are also falling slowly, while the level is steady near Bermudian Landing, Flowers Bank and Isabella Bank. The level is also falling near Rancho Dolores and Lemonal.

And near to Burrell Boom river levels have peaked and are falling very slowly. Near Lord's Bank, the international airport, and along the Northern Highway, river levels continue to rise.

And its also bad in Orange Walk, levels continue to rise rapidly near San Antonio, San Roman and San Victor villages. At Douglas, the river is rising rapidly – our team went to check it out today. They’re just back and we’ll have that story for you a little later on in the news.