If you are in possession of an unlicensed gun or ammunition - you have one more month to turn it in with no questions asked. The gun amnesty which expired on Friday has been extended until the end of November. It was the first initiative of a revamped crime control council and in one month they received 12 assorted weapons, three flare guns, and 154 assorted rounds of ammunition. One of the main drop off spots for guns is the Conscious Youth Development Program’s office on North Front Street. Director Edward Broaster says this will be your final chance.
Supt. Edward Broaster, CYDP Director
“This is a move on the part of the Crime Control Council to afford the opportunity to those of you who have guns out there to turn them in. Just Friday we have a .38 revolver along with 5 rounds of ammunition turned in by a citizen. Another month will afford them the opportunity to get serious and turn in your illegal firearms. If you don’t do so then no one will have pity on you when you get caught with an illegal firearm.”

Jules Vasquez,
Don’t you run the risk that having these flexible deadlines, once you start flexing your deadlines, people don’t take you serious?

Hon. Dean Barrow,
“Well Christmas is coming and I am sure that no one will want to spend Christmas in prison. No, I don’t see it as that. The fact is that there is an extension and people need to take advantage of this. After this I am sure there will not be anymore extension.”

And there’s more encouraging news as police reportedly collected three more weapons today including a point-44 rifle. Again no questions will be asked during the amnesty. And after the amnesty little or no questions will be asked, those found in possession will be sent straight to jail since no bail will be granted for those found with unlicensed firearms or ammunition.