The Mayan community is today mourning the passing of one of its stalwarts. Mayan activist, Ben Bol has passed away. Bol was very passionate about his culture and did what he could to keep it alive. One of the ways Bol did this was by hosting a Mopan Maya programme which first aired on Radio Belize. After Radio Belize closed its doors in 1998, Bol lobbied to have the show remain on the airwaves and eventually it was aired Sunday mornings on Love FM. Bolís daughter; Diana Bol tells us more about her father.
Diana Bol, Ben Bolís Daughter

ďHe used to come all the way from San Antonio Toledo, which is about 220 miles, to Belize City to record the program to make sure that his people had their music. He was once the chairman for the Toledo Maya Cultural Council; he also formed the Mopan Maya Association in Belize City. He was also very instrumental in assisting a lot of Maya students to continue their High School and tertiary level education.Ē

Bol said that she wants her father to be remembered as a Maya leader who promoted all the Maya beliefs and Maya ideology. Ben Bol is survived by his wife Teofila, children Benigno Jr, Diana and Cesar. Bol will be laid to rest later this week in San Antonio Village in Toledo.