Culturally Rich, Family Fair

The Corozal Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) working along with the local Community is organizing the first ever Gran Festival Corozal to be held on November 29th and 30th.

The public is invited to the official opening of Gran Festival Corozal which will take place on Saturday November 29th at the Corozal Central Park. Then, the Coronation Park will come alive on Sunday November 30th with traditional music, dance and food, Maya Mestizo History, canoe race, and much more with all day entertainment and activities promoting the Maya Mestizo culture.

Gran Festival Corozal is designed to create awareness of the importance of developing the tourism industry in a responsible manner in the north. The organizers hope to develop a viable, community-driven tourism industry that will protect our naturally laid back, peaceful environment; preserve in its totality the Corozal Bay and its Manatee Sanctuary; and celebrate our Maya Mestizo culture. Proceeds of the event will go toward realizing the community’s priority of developing and beautifying the Corozal Bay with a sandy beach area and the reopening of the Corozal Cultural Center.

Gran Festival Corozal, a culturally rich, family fair event organized by the Corozal Community and the Corozal BTIA. For more information, visit,