I do not see any relief for the area at least until Tuesday...I am still up and waiting for the 2 am est report...I think it will be the same as it has been...STATIONARY! Gosh, this is bad....all storms are different, but this resembles others from WAYYYYY back when....

I am concerned for my friends and family there...I know most of the town

Johnna and Ruben Trejo (Chief Pilot for Maya Island Air)

Baldemar Graniel and family

Angel Nunez and Family

The Leslie Family (Billy, Teacher Martita (I love you and praying for you), Gerald, Will..etc)

The Rayes Family

Eli and Don Pearly

Nelli Nunez (has anyone heard from her?)

and the list goes on....I am so concerned for everyone there...gosh, my mom is going bananas, my friends from Miami have called several times to check and see what else has been posted about there...The TV news is so crappy here...urgh!!!!

We all need to do something...when there is a bad storm or something going on in other parts of the world, I think that ESPECIALLY the weather channel and those meterologists should learn exactly where Belize city is AND figure out that Amergris Caye is ONE big island...NOT a cluster of islands as I heard tonight...BTW, I have already sent them an email about that! ANd I think they should inform us more about it...Send Jim Cantore down there and have him report...he comes to my area ALL the time for hurricanes...guess he's tired of here...lol (I am in the area of Wilmington, North Carolina)

I just send my prayers and help to all there...and I just hope all is not lost and that there still is hope...and there are some other things I will not say because it might upset some of you....but its something that the higher being has been warning for many years.....


Ana eek