SJC hard at work building Ms. Barahona's new home.

[Linked Image] Dilia Barahona, a 45-year-old single mother of southside Belize City, is a happy woman today, having moved into her own new home, built by students of St. Johnís College High School under the guidance of the charitable organization, Hand in Hand Ministries.

It took the helping hands of more than a dozen students from S.J.C. with the assistance of some teachers and a home construction expert, just four days to complete the 16 by 16 foot wooden structure, which comes complete with all necessary fixtures and an eight by three extension for the bathroom.

The school not only provided the labor, but also opened its pocket book and donated $6,500 towards the material, all free of cost to Barahona and her 15-year-old son Jorge, who is also a student at S.J.C. The family of two has already moved into their new home, located off the Fabers Road Extension, on south side Belize City.

The house is a modest home and Barahona says she is extremely grateful to the students, S.J.C. and Hand in Hand Ministries.

Her new home is nothing compared to the dilapidated house she rented on Euphrates Avenue, from which she was being threatened with eviction.

Abel Rodriguez of Hand in Hand Ministries, who assisted in making Barahonaís dreams come through, said the Barahonas visited the office seeking assistance after the owner of the house she rented passed away in September.

He said after the owner of the house died, the people who took over were planning to evict Barahona from the house at any time and she had no where else to go.