by Ray Auxillou

On a walk through central San Ignacio this morning, all the tourist operator signs are freshly painted, activity is busy, not many tourists, but a few yet. The places are ready though.
Generally speaking the economic activity out here is robust and doing well. We even have local Hillview construction being done by workers riding in on bicycles, from 8 miles away at Bullet Tree Falls, there is such a shortage. Cayo west badly needs more professional plumbers and electricians. People with a vehicle and tools to do the job. Lot of itinerant guys say they can do plumbing, tiling and electrical, but dont have vehicles and no tools. The professionals who perform on time, on schedule to a price are rare here. In fact, I only know of one and he is swamped with two vehicles in the shop himself for repairs.
I put a sign up for the hostel at Savanah Bus terminal, but it got stolen.