Just attended the BHA annual general meeting and thought I had to share the following announcements:

BHA president Kenrick Theus announced that the BHA is still in dialogue with the government about the GST subject for hotels and the Social security subject for Service Charge. Although amending the laws will take time, results are expected later.

Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow came with a few surprises too:
The GOB has managed to acquire a loan of BZ$ 30 million dollars that will be used to improve infrastructure in tourist destinations (amongst others Cayo and San Pedro).
The Tourism destinations in Belize will get a special status to effectively address problems that can threaten tourism (crime?).

He had some more announcements that are positive for the tourism industry, but unfortunately I wasn't prepared to take notes, as I was not expecting any significant news. Perhaps it will come back to me later, and I will update then. BTW, I didn't see Channel 5 or 7 there.