· The governments of Mexico and Belize will launch the “Patio Limpio” campaign from 25 to 28 November in Corozal Town.

· The purpose is to clean yards, spray to prevent vector-borne diseases, as well as to recycle metal, glass, cardboard and plastic.

· Also, a photo exhibition on Mexico-Belize health cooperation will be open.

· Both events are part of the 2nd Mexico-Belize Health Fair in Corozal.

Belmopan, 20 November 2008.- The Embassy of Mexico, the Department of Health of the Mexican State of Quintana Roo and the Ministry of Health of Belize, in collaboration with the City Council of Corozal Town will be launching the “Patio Limpio Campaign” (Clean Yard) as part of the 2nd Mexico-Belize Health Fair which is going to be held 28 and 29 November in Corozal Town.

From 25 to 28 November, volunteers from Mexico and from Belize will encourage and advise residents of certain areas of Corozal Town to remove from their yards and gardens, all objects which can be breeding areas for mosquitoes. The aim is to prevent vector-borne diseases. At the same time, thousands of plastic bags will be distributed in order to collect metal, cardboard, glass and plastic which will be recycled. Garbage trucks, made available by the government of Belize, will collect the waste material for recycling. Afterwards, vehicles provided by Mexico will fumigate those cleared areas with a new biodegradable product that is malathion-free.

The launching ceremony of the “Patio Limpio Campaign” will be held on Tuesday 25 November at 11 a.m, at Central Park, Corozal Town. It is expected that the Mayor of Corozal, Mexican and Belizean officials will attend. Residents are invited to participate.

Also on 25 November, at midday, the photographic exhibition “Siglo y Medio de Cooperación” will be open at the Town Hall, Corozal Town. The exhibition sponsored by the government of Quintana Roo, Mexico, consists of a collection of photographs that documents a century and a half of Mexico-Belize cooperation on health. The exhibition is FREE and will be open to the public until 29 November.